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July 11, 2017
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Invest well by investing in wellbeing.

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A new way of doing things

Collett’s Corner is a new way of approaching property development where people work together to conceive and invest in what is built
in our towns and cities.

The building will be home to a combination of apartments, wellness centre, retail and hospitality. It is a place where community is built and strengthened.

The future of wellbeing

At the heart of the development is Ūkaipō, a holistic wellness sanctuary offering a carefully curated range of traditional and contemporary healing modalities. Ūkaipō means Mother, origin, source of sustenance; to return to one’s real home. The vision for this atea (space) is to return people to their truest sense of self. Its offerings and accompanying surrounds will give the community a place where the best in mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and family wellbeing can be found.


Apartments For Sale

This is your chance to be a foundational part of Collett’s Corner get in touch (



Levels 1 and 2

  • 6 studio apartments
  • 8 one bedroom apartments
  • 6 two bedroom apartments
  • 1 residents’ roof terrace

The top two levels will be made up of 20 co-living inspired apartments. These will be a combination of owner occupied, long term rentals and short term stays. Some amenities will be shared, including a rooftop terrace where residents and guests can mingle, relax and take in breathtaking harbour views. Price list on request (email:



  • Lytteltonions (people that work, live or own property in the Harbour Basin)
  • Investors in Collett's Corner (public register of all shareholders)
  • Collett's Corner residents
  • Future tenants and business owners

Project Team

Collett's Corner Project Team

  • Julie Villard - Shareholder Appointed Director
  • Camia Young - Founding Director, Design & Relationship Steward 
  • Grant MacKinnon - Development Steward
  • Mark Wells - Contractor Steward

Jullie Villard


Shareholder Appointed

021 771 925

Julie Villard is a French architect with 12 years of experience. She is a goal oriented person and not afraid of new challenges. Julie has a passion for architecture, technology and sustainability, building her skills and knowledge in France, Canada, Switzerland and for the past eight years, New Zealand. She is the welcoming face of the Council’s Eco design advisor new service, where people can consult on a range of projects from new builds to home renovations. She provides free and independent advice for individuals, professionals and within the Council. She advocates for a better living by creating healthier buildings. Her main drive is to encourage to do better and to do it now. Julie also ‘’walks the walk’’ - with her partner, they designed & built their home in Lyttelton, following the eco-friendly principles she provides during her free consultation. The couple was known in Lyttelton, as the ‘’bus people, with the spa’’ as they lived on site, in an 11m Bedford house-bus during the building process. Her 9-star home won a prestigious Architectural Award, the 2019 ADNZ Regional Winner in the category “residential compact new home”. Press Article here. Julie provided 'the Hive' (the winning design for the Collett's Corner competition) advice for sustainable design through her role at the Council during the second stage of the design competition. Since then, she has had a desire to be more involved in Collett's Corner. She believes in a society where we support each other. What Julie has to offer is her passion for building better buildings. She feels that the role as a director of Collett's Corner would be an opportunity to share her knowledge about how to create a sustainable design within a budget so that we get the best possible building for Lyttelton.


Founding Director

Design and Relationships Steward

021 1125 087

Camia is passionate about building 21st Century cities. She believes that the future of cities will be defined by their ability to create places of connection and belonging. Since moving to Christchurch she has been involved in several community minded initiatives including Ohu (Office for Holistic Urbanism), Exchange Christchurch (XCHC), Te Pūtahi: Christchurch Centre for Architecture and City Making, the Gap Filler Pallet Pavilion, and Studio Christchurch. Before moving to New Zealand, Camia practiced as an Architect in Europe with OMA in Holland and Herzog & de Meuron in Switzerland and worked on several large scale civic projects and urban master plans. Today Camia serves as a Trustee on the Hillary Institute board, the Ohu Foundation board, and she is the Founding Partner of Ohu Development Ltd, Founding Director of Collett’s Corner Ltd and Founding Director XCHC Ltd.

Grant MacKinnon

Development Steward

Grant MacKinnon is the Principal of DGM Group, which has been actively developing homes and apartments in central Christchurch since the mid-1990’s. DGM Group’s developments have ranged from small blocks of attached terrace homes to award-winning multi-level highrise apartment towers. Grant’s skills enable the full suite of development requirements to be understood and coordinated to achieve successful outcomes and stunning homes. DGM Group is the longest-running residential developer in central Christchurch and has withstood the many challenges to face the sector over the last decade, such as the Global Financial Crisis, the Christchurch earthquakes and subsequent city rebuild, the March 2019 mosque attacks, and now the covid19 pandemic. Grant stands in a strong position to take projects forward with confidence and experience. He looks forward to working with the Collett's Corner team to bring this exciting project to fruition.

Mark Wells

Contractor Steward

With 35 years of near continuous time in the construction industry, involved in both commercial and residential, Mark is a Licenced Building Practitioner who brings a wealth of experience in how to collaboratively plan a project and build a building. He has worked at all levels of the industry throughout his years and has a deep knowledge of construction. Mark has been directly involved in the delivery of several award winning commercial and residential buildings with both the Registered Master Builders Awards and the Property Council Awards including Registered Master Builders Supreme Award 2013. Mark is a ‘people’ person and thrives working in a team environment harnessing collective expertise to achieve a common goal. He has been inspired by the Collect Corner vision of building communities through buildings. Mark is joining the team to use his years of construction expertise to assist in doing something different to achieve a positive outcome in the development and construction of a building.

Invest well by investing in wellbeing.

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Stages of Development

The plan is to complete the planning and design by the early of 2021, start construction and open the building mid 2022.

  • Listening & Ideation Phase: Jul -Nov 2017
    Ask the community to share their ideas for the site
    Assess potential options for the project
  • Scoping Phase: Jan - May 2018
    Share options and seek input
    Identify preferred option
    Develop feasibility report
    Create financial and legal structures aligned to the project's purpose
    Seek early stage investors
  • Plan & Design Phase: Jun 2018 - March 2020, October 2020 - Jan 2022 (coronovirus six month pause)
    Launch design competition 
    Assemble the project team
    Launch equity crowdfunding campaign (February 2019)
    Pre-sale apartments / Pre-lease building
    Obtain consents
  • Construction Phase: Feb 2021 - May 2023
    Build community by building the building, including working bees to develop trade experience
  • Opening: June 2023
    Let's celebrate together!

Project Updates
Property development is an iterative process, a design matures as it goes through the various stages. In each phase we refine the design based on learning new information. From time to time we send updates to keep the Collett's Corner shareholders and wider public informed about project's progress. The benefit of this approach is you get to see behind the scenes, you get to understand the many decisions and steps that lead to a development. AND you have the opportunity to share with us your insights as well so that we can advance the design together. If you would like to receive updates please register here. If you missed any of the previous announcements, here is a list: 



Useful Documents

  • Collett's Corner Constitution Collett's Corner Ltd is a for purpose company, which means the directors are bound to serve the purpose as set out in our constitution. 
  • Shareholder Register Collett's Corner has 3500 shareholders, together we are investing in the change we want to see happen.
  • Share transfer form If you are an existing shareholder and you want to transfer your shares this is the form you need to fill in. 

Invest well by investing in wellbeing.

Sign up to hear how you can invest in Collett's Corner in 2020


In the basement level a menu of services is envisioned: hot and cold baths, sauna and steam rooms and therapy rooms. Street level will combine a co-working/hospitality space, retail space, concierge, yoga, gym and consultation rooms. A range of options abound for tenants with a future focus on health and wellbeing.