August 19, 2017
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Ohu Development is working with the Lyttelton community to create a building on the Collett's Corner site that will be collectively owned by the community it supports.  

We have listened to the community's ideas for the project, and we would like to thank those of you who took the time and gave thought to what we can create on this site.  From the many ideas we received, we have identified the following two possible options:



For this option we envisage a mixed-use development with a focus on building intergenerational connections through how we live and work.   

During our listening phase, we heard from you that there are many active elderly residents that would like to continue to reside in the community as well as stay involved in the community. The steep landscape in Lyttelton can be challenging for some residents that wish to continue to reside in the area but may have limited mobility. The proposal is to build intergenerational accomodation for our local residents who want to live in the heart of the village, so they can easily get around as well as be involved.

Below is an outline for the different functions the building will have:

  • First and Second Floor: A mix of accommodation for people looking to downsize as they move into their later years, as well as short-term leased apartments to enable the digital nomads to visit and stay in the community.
  • Ground Floor: An integrated co-working space, community focused restaurant and shop will provide a space for small businesses, local community groups and creative practitioners to work together.  The restaurant will be designed to bring the community together to share conversation and kai. At the heart of the space will be an elders circle to inspire sharing stories.
  • Basement: A small fleet of approximately 30 shared electric vehicles complete with charging stations. Vehicles would be available for both residents and visitors. 



We envisage a mixed use development with a focus on creating a unique attraction in Lyttelton to serve locals and visitor alike i.e. promoting Lyttelton as a destination. We heard from you that you would like to have a memorable place to take your visitors, the suggestions we collected were: hot baths, boutique hotel, quirky cinema and a souk like market.

Below is an outline for the different functions the building will have:

  • Second Floor: A quirky cinema with views towards the hills and harbour, reflecting and connecting to Lyttelton’s creative scene.  We heard from the Lyttelton Primary School Student Council that they would like a place to screen locally made movies, together with themed movies that would cater for all generations. 
  • First Floor: A unique hotel accomodation for loved ones to stay and experience our vibrant and thriving community, designed to cater to a range of interests including small self contained apartments, single well appointed hotel rooms and backpacker dorm room accomodation for those traveling on a budget. 
  • Ground Floor: We heard from many of the market stalls holders that they wanted a more permanent presence in the township. The ground floor will be designed as a market hall with eateries and shops featuring local products and a range of restaurants catering local food, wine and beer similar to the Saturday market but indoors and open during the week.
  • Basement: Roman style bath and spa for locals and visitors to relax and heal, this would incorporate therapeutic treatments such as massage and physio therapist.  


Our next steps

We have two questions for you:
• Which of the two options most appeals to you? 
• Do you want to be involved in one of these two options? For example are you an investor or would you like to operate one of the businesses? 

By the end of January we would like to decide which of the above options the community prefers, if you have an opinion or any suggestions please let us know by email. We are actively listening and want to ensure that the building serves the community needs and aspirations.

In February and March we will develop an outline business plan. Once we have it completed, there will be an opportunity for the first round of investment in the development. Investors will receive both financial and social returns. The financial and legal structures will be aligned to serve the purpose of the building and community.

Mixed use development at 3-11 London St, co-created and co-owned by a community of investors.  

Social Purpose
We are interested in developing a building that serves a community. As we study the various options , we will be taking into consideration how the potential project can serve to strengthen a community in some way. The preferred option will be one that offers a financial return as well as serves a strong social purpose. We will share the options studies as we develop them.

Stages of Development

  • Listening Phase: Jul - Aug 2017 
    Ask the community to share their ideas for the site
  • Ideation Phase: Sep - Nov 2017
    Develop the project's purpose and social impact
    Assess potential options for the project
    Share outcomes and seek input to choose the preferred option
  • Scoping Phase: Jan - Mar 2018
    Build the project team
    Create financial and legal structures aligned to the project's purpose
    Seek the first round of funding from initial investors
  • Plan & Design Phase: Apr 2018 - Feb 2019
    Develop a business plan aligned to the project's purpose
    Develop the design and share it with the community for feedback
  • Construction Phase: Mar - Nov 2019
    Build community by building buildings including working bees to develop trade experience
  • Opening: Dec 2019
    Let's celebrate together!

Estimated Costs

  • Land $630,000
  • ~$4-5mil construction depending on what is built

Potential Financial Returns

  • Sale of property
  • Lease of units
  • Income from businesses

Stakeholders and team

  • Project lead -  Jules Lee 
  • Core project team - Supported by the Ohu Development Team
  • Lyttelton neighbourhoods
  • Investors
  • Future tenants
  • Community of interest

Jules Lee


Jules Lee

027 739 1832

Julie Lee (aka Jules) is our Community Weaver and Project Lead for Collett’s Corner. Jules resides in Lyttelton with her two teenage sons. Over the past 15 years Jules has been involved in several successful community projects in Lyttelton. Either having been the lead, or part of a team. These projects include the upgrade of the Lyttelton Playground, the Toy Library Upgrade & Renovations Project, the Lyttelton TimeBank, The Garage Sale, and Lyttelton Harbour Civil Defence. Jules is passionate about community and was awarded a Community Service award in 2012 for her dedication to the community of Lyttelton. It’s great to have her skills and passion on board in this role.


Ohu Development is working with the Lyttelton community to create a building on the Collett’s Corner site that will be collectively owned by the community it supports.