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Community Consultation and Participation

Service: Community Consultation and Participation

How to include your community in the co-designing of your project.


Community Consultation and Participation

This service involves working with your team to facilitate the design of a process that enables ideas and inputs from your community to be included in the planning and delivery of your project. Designing projects collaboratively can be challenging without clear parameters and rules of engagement. Ohu will work with your team to develop an appropriate approach that is inclusive, maximises participation and enables your project to move forward. This service is tailored to your needs and may involve:

  • Co-design and development of community consultation/participation process to support community driven design, ownership and landscape
  • Equipping your project team to deliver community consultation
  • Undertaking community consultation on your behalf

This process is important throughout your project lifecycle but is extremely valuable for enabling co-design in community led projects. This process gives you a strong foundation to set up a meaningful co-design relationship with your community, see Ohu’s Co-Design service under the property pillar. For further guidance on communication and how to weave your community into your development, see the Weaving Your Community tool or get in contact.