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Ohu is creating a new way of being where people and communities are at the heart of property development. We work with communities to develop assets which will sustain and strengthen their community. We believe it is possible for people with a common purpose to work together to collectively create and own assets that generate both a social, economic and financial returns. Ohu is developing the infrastructure needed to support communities to collectively own what they create together, including property, financial, legal and social structures.

We are gathering a community of change-makers who want to take action in creating a new, connected future.


Ohu provides end to end support to develop projects, from initial concept to cutting the ribbon, keeping the community at the heart of the development throughout the process. We have three kinds of projects: ones we lead, ones we partner on and ones we support. The common thread across all of the projects is that they build community, connect people in meaningful ways and see wealth shared equitably. Each project does this in its own unique way depending on the community’s purpose.

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We support you to build your team, hone your social purpose, identify sustainable incomes, and develop legal and financial structures to support your community's aims. Whether you would like to be involved with one of the projects or you would like to start your own project, please get in touch.