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Community Led Development

Tool: Community Led Deveopment

A roadmap to assist you in keeping community at the heart of your development.


Community Led Development

Community led development is a community working together to develop a shared ownership asset that sustains and strengthens that community both economically and socially into the future. It is property development with community at its heart. This requires that there is a constant feedback loop that ensures the development is changing and growing with the community. Ohu is currently developing a tool to enable community lead development to become more easily understood, and hopefully more and more common in our society.

While we develop this tool, there is a great resource is Inspiring Communities, who have developed five core principles that they believe community led development is built on. To summarise, it includes:

  • Shared local visions drive action and change
  • Using existing strengths and assets
  • Many people, groups and sectors working together
  • Building diverse and collaborative local leadership
  • Working adaptively, learning informs planning and action

Community engagement is pivotal to community led development, see Ohu’s Weaving Your Community tool for guidance. Otherwise, if you have an idea for a community led development and want to know what your next step is, then contact Ohu.