Developing teams and peer co-learning communities

Package: Developing teams and peer co-learning communities

Peer support for project teams, champions and weavers


Developing teams and peer co-learning communities

This package is designed to bring together the right mix of people for your project and put the support around them to ensure the project and its community thrive throughout the property development journey. This package will be designed according to your project needs, but may include:

  • Education regarding the importance of understanding different capabilities a team needs
  • Support to in identifying challenges, removing barriers and navigating conflict
  • A monthly 'co-learning group', where project teams can come together with other projects to share success and challenges, and learn from one another
  • Facilitation with aligned organisations with relevant capabilities

Ohu is fortunate to have a supportive network of aligned organisations who each have different areas of expertise, that can be called upon to form part of a co-learning group or add capability and capacity to your project team. Project successes should be celebrated and lessons learnt shared; the best way to do this is through collaborative feedback, knowledge sharing and open communication. Contact Ohu to start the conversation.