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Developing the Weaver and Champion Skill Set

Service: Developing the Weaver and Champion Skill Set

Weavers and champions need skills, knowledge, and techniques for engaging and empowering community.


Developing the Weaver and Champion Skill Set

Once identified Weavers and Champions may need to further develop their skills in order to lead the project and the community. This service will be designed according to your needs and may include:

  • Education regarding community engagement, empowerment and community led development
  • Provision of tailored training modules, relating to community engagement/empowerment tools e.g. Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Diversion/Conversion diamond, Public participation spectrum
  • Coaching on communication techniques and managing complex social landscapes and stakeholder structures
  • May include engaging Ohu as a mentor to weavers and champions throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Ohu provides a more specialised project management training that puts community and social impact at the centre of learning and development; perfect for community leaders and public sector project leads. As this programme is a bespoke service the first step is engaging Ohu to talk scope and desired outcomes, see our contact page. Ohu has a wealth of knowledge and people who have previously encompassed these roles, for further related tools and definitions see: The Weaver and the Champion and Weaver Literacy.