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Peer Co-Learning Community

Service: Peer Co-Learning Community

Getting together to learn and support one another.


Peer Co-Learning Community

Ohu will assist you in setting up 'co-learning groups', where project teams can come together with other projects to share success and challenges, and learn from one another. Ohu will provide assistance in:

  • Structuring meetings that encourage creative thought and open dialog
  • Provide speakers and/or specialists
  • Organisation of logistics

Ohu believes in the benefit of sharing and retaining knowledge, that is why we have worked to provide open-source tools to aid community builders in their desire to deliver a successful development that has lasting social benefits. Projects should not work as batch processes, but should have constant feedback to stay on track and communication across projects to learn from each other and anticipate change. Contact Ohu if you would like to be part of a peer co-learning community.