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Financial Literacy Session


Service: Financial Literacy Session

Want a solid grounding in financial concepts? We have a 3-hour session to hone your skills.


Financial Literacy Session

Community led development that results in a shared asset has unique financial components that set them apart from traditional property development. These developments are often in larger scale and involve organisations operating with a lean team of community building professionals. To ensure these teams feel comfortable with financial decision making, funding and financial tracking, sometimes it pays to get into a bit more detail than just the basics.

Ohu has a financial literacy session that builds on our open source Financial Literacy tool and extends your understanding past the financial basics. The objective of this session is to leave individuals speaking the language of business that will help attract funders and investors and keep the project on budget (see Project Budget tool for additional resource). Contact Ohu to discuss the needs of your team and how we can tailor this service to suit them.