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Getting Ready for Social Investment


Service: Getting Ready for Social Investment

Not sure if you’re ready to attract investment? Let us help you get your ducks in a row.


Getting Ready for Social Investment

Drawing on our expertise in Legal, Finance, Property and Community Weaving we are able to offer support for social investment preparation that is comprehensive and specific to what we do, building communities. If after reviewing the Social Investment Overview in our tools, you feel like you may need more tailored help or lack a dedicated resource, we can discuss how we can support you in getting ready for social investment through:

  • Independent review of business and financial models
  • Advice on legal structures and governance (see A Comparison of Legal Structures tool)
  • Refinement of mission, vision and purpose content; how best to present the social and community impact of your proposal and how it will be measured (socially and economically)

This service may include some or all of the above. For a comprehensive package that also includes advice on how to approach investors and support with specific funding applications, see Ohu’s Funding Pathways package. Contact Ohu to get the process started.