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How to Approach Investors


Service: How to Approach Investors

What to prepare for, and what information you need to know.


How to Approach Investors

Before approaching investors it is important that you are able to discuss the impact of your project, what the business plan is, articulate what you are asking for, and be able to articulate clearly what the return to investors will be, and when they are likely to receive it. We can help you prepare the capital raising package so you have all the documentation ready for your campaign. All of Ohu’s services are tailored to your needs, this service may include:

  • Help with document structure, including articulation of the concept of regenerative financial structures (see also the Regenerative Finance service)
  • Review of financial modelling to support the ASK
  • Help to articulate the offer and Return on Investment
  • Peer Review of draft material
  • Liaison with online crowdfunding platforms

Ohu is not a registered financial advisor and can not secure the success of your fundraising mission. We can however assist you in being as prepared as possible. Contact Ohu to discuss this service further.