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Project Budget


Service: Project Budget

Ohu can help you establish the three major budgets for your project; development, construction and operation.


Project Budget

There are three related budgets for a project: project development and associated fees; the construction phase; and the ongoing operational costs. Confused? We can help. Ohu has experienced finance and project management experts that have done this all before, on large scales and in the commercial, public and social enterprise sectors. We can work with teams in the development of your budgets, alternatively, you can outsource to Ohu to complete this crucial exercise and supporting documentation.

The budget is paramount to ensuring your projects longevity and meeting expectations of your affected community. Ohu has developed a guiding project budget template[link] within its open-source tools, however it does take time and skill to build this into a functional budget that applies to your organisation. Budget consultation and/or establishment can be accompanied by other Ohu services such as business case customisation[link], financial[link] and business modelling; see Ohu’s Business Planning package[link] to view a comprehensive offering. Contact us to start the process of clarifying financial standings and building a solid foundation for budget management throughout your project.