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Understanding Financial Basics


Service: Understanding Financial Basics

A session to bring clarity to the world of finance.


Understanding Financial Basics

Still need a bit more help to get the hang of this financial stuff? To run a successful project it’s really important to understand the basic financial principles and key cost drivers of the project. Funders and investors will expect this of you. You don’t need to become a book-keeper or accountant but it will stand you in good stead to understand the basics. Ohu can work with you one on one, with a session that is tailored to your particular project. This service may include review and clarification of:

  • The relationship between the financial statements
  • Key drivers of a financial model
  • Key costs of a project budget
  • Operational budgets
  • The difference between project and operational budgets
  • The key components to the operational business model

Ohu has a wealth of free finance tools that you can utilise once you have a sound understanding of how they work and their best application. This service with Ohu’s ‘Legal Essentials for Property Development’ service will give you a solid knowledge foundation to support your project. To talk further on how Ohu can support your project for successful delivery, get in contact.