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Package: Establishment

Turn your idea into a project with the right structures and arrangements between your project partners.



Turning your idea into a project requires a combination of tools and services which span the Ohu pillars. Ohu can work with you to put the right foundations in place by establishing the best legal and governance structure, supporting you in building strong relationships within your team and community and ensuring you have the right documents, processes and systems in place to support your project.

Ohu’s pillars and people weave together, enabling us to offer specialised packages that combine property, legal, finance and community weaving services. This package resources may include:

  • Project Team Identification and Development service 
  • Project Management Toolbox tool
  • Project Documentation service
  • Legal and Governance Advice service 

Ohu can assist you in setting up the project framework that is best suited to your idea and social landscape, contact us to start the conversation.