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Legal Preparation

Service: Legal Preparation

We will assist you to streamline your engagement with law firms and minimise legal cost to your project.


Legal Preparation

Ohu aims to make property development accessible to all. However, the legal requirements of property transactions are not always easily understood and access to legal expertise can be expensive. Ohu can work alongside you and your organisation/community to provide you with a clear understanding of what legal components are required for your project and reduce the cost of your legal fees. This service is tailored to your requirements and may include:

  • One-off workshop on common legal definitions, potential structures and legal requirements for your project
  • Peer mentoring throughout the project, including check-ins, document reviews and independent facilitation of specific matters arising
  • Creation and handover of key documentation in consultation with the required experts

Ohu is knowledge wealthy with qualified staff, aligned organisations and professional networks that have extensive community development, commercial development, public sector and social enterprise experience. Contact us to start the consultation process and talk options.