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Legal Essentials for Property Development

Service: Legal Essentials for Property Development

Ohu can guide you through understanding your legal and financial requirements when it comes to property development.


Legal Essentials for Property Development

Property Development requires a specific knowledge of property and contract law. As a development progresses, investment increases and along with it, so does risk, in order to manage risk through the physical development and enable strong communities to be built a project must have sound financial and property structures. Ohu has partnered with local law firms to put together a service that teaches you the basic essentials to build your knowledge of property development essentials. Ohu’s tailored session is structured around the legal framework required to:

  • Buy i.e Site Acquisition
  • Sell i.e Agency Agreements
  • Construct i.e Construction Contracts and Consultant Agreements
  • Finance i.e Funding and Shareholder Agreements
  • Operate i.e Sales/Lease Contracts

Supported by Ohu’s tools on Legal Structures [link] and Partnership agreements [link]. This service along with the Understand Financial Basics [link] service will give you a sound base to understand the more complex elements of your development process. Contact Ohu to learn more.