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Programming and Planning

Service: Programming and Planning

Establishing your project timeline, its key milestones and resource requirements.


Programming and Planning

With experienced project managers as well as technical specialists Ohu and its Aligned Organisations are able to offer services that support community builders establish a realistic programme for your project and key actions and resource required at each phase. Ohu can work alongside your team in varying capacity, depending on requirements, to establish timelines, schedules and phases that:

  • Are realistic and achievable
  • Cover the entire life cycle of the project
  • Identify key milestones and resource requirements
  • Have appropriate contingency built into them
  • Take into consideration approval periods and community consultation
  • Enable a comprehensive resourcing plan to be developed
  • Enable project managers to manage a programme of contractors
  • Enable teams to track progress and manage risk

Ohu has provided a basic guidance tool for developing a project programme. Time is a pivotal parameter in any project, not only ensuring that you meet operational dates but also community expectations. Programme is used for contractor management, communication strategy, change and risk management, amongst other aspects of a development. Engage Ohu to discuss building a development programme together, contact us.