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Project Ideation

Package: Project Ideation

Turning your idea into a project.


Project Ideation

This package brings together tools and services from each of the pillars to give you the information and assistance you need to turn your idea into an implantable project. Like all of Ohu’s offerings, this package is designed specifically to your projects needs, it may include:

  • Defining your project vision, mission and purpose
  • Identifying and engaging with your community, your social landscape
  • Understanding your objectives and guiding principles; and
  • Clarification on the legal and financial structures needed.

Tools and Services included in this package:

  • Ideation Guide Tool 
  • Vision, Mission and Purpose Tool 
  • Building Strong Social Foundations 
  • Legal and Governance Advice Service 
  • Financing Options for Projects and Ohu Regenerative Finance Services 
  • Storytelling Service 

As Ohu has recently helped some great initiatives get off the ground and complete the ideation phase, we have fresh ideas and feedback to help you do the same. Contact us to start this exciting process or just share in some great initiatives.