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Project Management Toolbox


Tool: Project Management Toolbox

A suite of traditional project templates needed to manage your development throughout its lifecycle.


Project Management Toolbox

These traditional project management tools have been developed (and used) as a collective. The reason for this is that any change, shift or decision during any phase of a project is unlikely to be isolated, often impacting not only the scope, budget and programme but also members of the project’s social landscape. This suite enables all elements to be managed together and comprises of:

  • Issues Log
  • Risk Log
  • Lessons Learned
  • Action Log
  • Dependencies Log
  • Decisions Log
  • Change Log
  • Deliverables
  • Quality Log
  • Benefits Log
  • Constraints Log
  • Assumptions Log

We have grouped all the key documents you required to manage the various aspects of your project into one toolbox, which you can access here: Project Management Toolbox

The size and/or complexity of your project will determine if some tools may be redundant, as this toolbox has historically been used on large scale developments. Other Ohu tools to use alongside this suite include the Programme and Schedule, Project Budget and Stakeholder Management Register, and you must always refer back to your Project Delivery Plan. If you would like to engage Ohu to help develop and/or manage project documentation  and aid in the coaching of your project managers, please contact us or check out our other services and packages.