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Project Scoping

Package: Project Scoping

This comprehensive package draws together all the key elements required in the second phase of a project.


Project Scoping

Scoping is pulling everything together into a set of definitive and measurable objectives and deliverables. It also involves creating a roadmap that enables ongoing management of project elements as a development gains momentum and the complexity increases. Ohu can help support you across all four pillars, this package potentially including:

  • Team identification support
  • Identification of stakeholders and the community; development of communication strategy
  • Assistance with Partnership and funding agreements
  • Financial modelling and identification of finance structures
  • Establishment of project operating documentation, such as risk analysis
  • Business Case development and agreement

This package is supported by the following tools and services:

  • Project Feasibility Model (tool)
  • Facilitation Services (service)
  • Guidelines to Site Selection (tool)
  • Business Case Template (tool)
  • Community Consultation and Participation (service)
  • Financial Modelling (service)
  • Project Delivery Plan (tool)
  • Project team identification and development (service)

No project looks the same, and each package prepared will be bespoke to your project need. Contact Ohu to engage their specialists that will support you in bringing it all together.