What we do


Ohu is a property development company, driven by purpose and the desire to create stronger communities.  

At Ohu we do property development differently. Traditional property development is usually driven by a developer whose primary objective is to make a healthy return on their investment. At Ohu we think about how to make a healthy return to serve a community's purpose, to do this we develop legal, financial and social structures aligned with the community's purpose.

Ohu’s development model is built on an holistic approach to thinking about and delivering high quality urban environments. Each project is intentionally designed to create places that connect people in meaningful ways so that they create thriving communities.

We have three types of projects: we lead our own projects, we partner with individuals and groups to turn their ideas into projects that we deliver, and we offer consultancy services to groups that are doing their own projects but need an extra hand. 


To see some of our exciting projects and learn more about how you can get involved see our Current Projects page.

To learn more about engaging Ohu and the services we offer, see Ohu’s Pillars page.

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    -Albert Einstein