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CLOser Development Ltd

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February 9, 2019
June 25, 2018
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CLOser Development Ltd

To build a connected and affordable smaller dwelling community in Kati Kati.

The Bay of Plenty is experiencing significant demand for a diversity of housing typologies, and this is expected to continue with an ageing demographic. There is demand from the community in the region for affordable smaller dwellings. It is recognised that there is no clear pathway for people to create such housing solutions. CLOser Development Ltd seeks to fill this a gap by leading the conversation and creating a model to enable connected, affordable smaller living communities.

Through their networks CLOser formed a partnership with an aligned landowner seeking to provide an alternative housing model to meet the needs of society. They were unclear what housing development model would be best suited to the site, whether to retain the existing house, and whether the project would be financially viable reaching affordability targets.

Ohu supported CLOser with their feasibility study to create a pathway forward to their development. This involved:

  • Visioning workshop
  • Articulating the critical success factors and the investment logic map
  • Social architecture workshop on how to build the community
  • Options analysis
  • Financial modelling of the build and operational model
  • Exploration of the development models
  • Identifying the legal structures on which to develop a co-operative housing development
  • High level programme for realising the development
  • Feasibility report

Nicci Armour: CLoser Project Team
Bobbie Cornell: Closer Project Team
Claire Newman: Ohu Project Steward


To build a connected and affordable smaller dwelling community in Kati Kati.