Housing for Women Trust

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February 9, 2019
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Housing for Women Trust

The Housing for Women Trust is exploring options on how to realise their strategic plan, specifically around housing typologies and models that could be developed to further the work of the Trust. This would transition the Trust into a multi-site organisation looking to their current development, Beachcomber in South Brighton, as the model of connected living for women.

Housing for Women Trust have a wealth of knowledge and lived experience of co-living environments. Significant research has been carried out by staff and trustees to date. With their strategic plan adopted by their Board in 2018, they are now ready to realise their strategy. This requires a review of their capacity and capability, and formally exploring options to provide the Board and future funders the confidence to invest resources going forward.

We will be providing support to Housing for Women Trust in three areas:

  1. Community Weavers - driving the organisation through its values
    supporting HWT with a review of the capacity and skills assessment commensurate with a growing organisation
    business continuity, ensuring knowledge of the organisation is captured by systems and processes.
  2. Operating models - realising the full potential of the existing site
    Workshops with residents on their community’s culture
    Resident engagement - capturing and ensuring talents within the community can be utilised
  3. Strategic planning
    Visioning on desired outcomes
    Options Analysis on housing typologies
    Financial modelling
    A report on the option and financial implications 

Briar Rose: Housing Trust Project Coordinator
Claire Newman: Ohu project steward