May 31, 2018
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July 11, 2017
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The face of a modern environmental centre is changing. Christchurch has an opportunity to bring environmental and conservation groups together, to create a collaborative and innovative world- class co-working space.  

How could a concentration of organisations in an enviro-hub change the face of environmental and conservation practices? What will their impact be when pooling resources, and amplifiying their voice?

The Christchurch Enviro-hub envisions environmental wellbeing radiating out from such a hub.



An environmental co-working space, designed with significant environmental and social returns in mind.

Social Purpose

To create a catalytic co-working space for environmental organisations in the greater Christchurch area. This centrally-located ‘Enviro Hub’ will connect and inspire - building a platform for innovation and environmental leadership in our transforming city.

Stage of Development

Phase 1 - Ideation

Project Lead / Steward

Contact Claire if you are interested in knowing more about this project.

Next Steps

Timeline: 3-6 months business planning. Two-three years until doors open.

Knowns/ Unknowns

Site to be confirmed. Non-negotiables have been identified.

Social Architecture

Project Lead

Working Group

Environmental and Conservation Organisations as future tenants

Board of Trustees

Local and Regional Council endorsement

Seed investor

Community of interest