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Building Strong Social Foundations

Service: Building Strong Social Foundations

Identification and integration of vision, mission, purpose, social outcomes, and values.


Building Strong Social Foundations

This forms the basis of the unique aspect of what you are doing, and distinguishes your project from standard property development. Identification and embedding these aspects into every phase of your project is vital to the project’s success. Ohu’s point of difference, and what distinguishes it from mainstream property development, is that it supports developments that support the community. Ohu can help you build strong social foundations so that your development does too. This service is tailored to your organisation and its project, it may include:

  • Workshop(s) with the project team to support identification of community, social landscape, vision/purpose, social outcomes and values in preparation for business case.
  • Embedding understanding of community, social landscape, vision/purpose, social outcomes and values, in all phases in particular feasibility, design, and build phases.
  • Application of the Social Landscape tool

Tools that are available through Ohu are Vision, Mission and Purpose statement guidance and the Social Landscape Model. If you would like to discuss with Ohu the application of these tools and ensuring social foundations are established and understood within your project, contact us.