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Vision, Mission and Purpose Workshop

Service: Vision, Mission and Purpose Workshop

A workshop to refine your vision, mission and purpose statements.


Vision, Mission and Purpose Workshop

The Vision, Mission and Purpose statements are to be established during the ideation phase of a project in order to guide development and communicate and influence project teams, the wider community and investors throughout the rest of the phases. It is a collaborative process in which core team members and community leads look at the wider scope of their intention, dissect aims and views and eventually come to an end product that shows a shared direction and common understanding. This larger process results in 3 key statements with supporting documentation, see the Ohu Vision, Mission and Purpose Tool for definitions. Ohu can work with you to refine these drafted statements, testing them in a space which supports creativity and collaboration. Ohu’s workshop will be tailored to your needs and people, and may include:

  • Discussion facilitation and coaching
  • Structured direction resulting in desired deliverables
  • A process that allows everyone's voices to be heard
  • Deconstruction of ideas to show key focus
  • Guidance on the development of supporting documentation to demonstrate your purpose to external stakeholders
  • Processes and strategies to ensure the vision, mission and purpose are retained throughout the lifecycle of the project

Well structured Vision, Mission and Purpose statements are relevant and critical from ideation to operation. If you would like to engage Ohu to help shape your Vision, Mission and Purpose statements, contact us.