472 Storytelling – OHU


Service: Storytelling

Craft and tell your story to gain momentum with potential investors and effectively engage with your community.



It is amazing how many people you can connect with and engage if you tell your story correctly; in the right form and to the right people. Each community led development has a unique story to be told. How you do this will depend on your project and your audience. Storytelling is a specialist communication tool that stirs emotions and gives investors and the wider community a feel for your project. Ohu can help you in getting your story across through:

  • Mapping your social ecology
  • Story and narrative development
  • Refinement of goals for telling your story
  • Defining your audience, their goals and perspectives and how best to engage them
  • Connection to design specialists that will give your story a visual flare

Storytelling executed well can give momentum to ideas and is an effective tool to use to turn your idea into reality. Investors and influences are often engaged with storytelling through media. This service is complementary to Ohu’s financial pillar services Support with Funding Applications and How to Approach Investors,and will be delivered in collaboration with our Aligned Organisations. It may also be prudent to read up on trending tools Fundraise using Social Media. If you would like to talk further about this service or any other service, please get in contact.

For an example of an Ohu project that generated a great deal of attention through storytelling, see the Tumanako origin story here, a video produced by Marcelle Lunam.