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Vision, Mission and Purpse


Tool: Vision, Mission and Purpose

Articulating what is fundamental to your project.


Vision, Mission and Purpose

The Vision, Mission and Purpose statements are to be established during the ideation phase of a project/organisation in order to guide development from beginning to end. It is a collaborative process in which core team members and community leads look at the wider scope of their intention, dissect aims and views and eventually come to an end product that shows a shared direction and common understanding. This larger process results in 3 key statements with supporting documentation. Below is a brief explanation on each element and an example; Ohu’s very own Vision, Mission and Purpose statements for guidance.

Vision: The what; to aspire to. What you expect at the end; a future-focused statement on what the desired outcome looks like for the organisation/community/social structure and its wider social landscape and influence sphere.

Mission: The how; to drive you. How you are going to achieve your vision for your community; a strategy statement on the path you intend to follow to deliver your goal/vision.

Purpose: The why; to guide you. Why you are doing what you are; The defined reason of your existence, the intention of influence/effect on your community.

For external use, these statements should be supported by additional information on what you do, how you do it and what success looks like (and how it is measured).

EXAMPLE: Ohu's Vision, Mission and Purpose Statements

Vision: A world full of thriving communities

Mission: Enable equitable distribution of value to those who create it. Grow our collective impact and make purposeful work more sustainable

Purpose: We exist to enable communities to create and own their own assets

If you would like to engage Ohu to help shape your Vision, Mission and Purpose statements to ensure the community takes a pivotal role in your project/organisation, have a look at our customisable workshop or contact us directly.