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Regenerative Finance


Service: Regenerative Finance

Ohu is working towards setting up our own customised financial structure. More information coming soon.


Regenerative Finance

Regenerative financial structures are not well known in New Zealand. Our vision is to establish our own customised fund that supports communities to collectively own their assets, similar to regenerative financial structures successfully operating overseas. Until this is live, we can support you to understand what regenerative financial structures may be suited to your project. Our services are well researched and resourced, and may include:

  • Review of various financial structures that equitably distribute financial flows of money
  • Support to establish financial structure - in conjunction with legal pillar services

This service is an integral step before approaching potential investors.

This is an exciting and progressive space to work in and Ohu looks forward to supporting communities build these structures that allow them to share an asset sustainably into the future. Contact Ohu to start the conversation.