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Service: Co-Design

A design process that enables collective participation.



Using the Community Consultation and Participation service as a foundation, we are able to grow this process into productive working relationships and inclusive design management. Co-design results in a shared asset that is not only owned and utilised by the community but is also a build that they are proud of and feel meets their needs. Ohu’s community weavers can help:

Ensure you feel comfortable when engaging the community in the design process
Support you in developing a co-design management process and clearly communicating this process to your community
Facilitating the co-design process

This should happen early on in the project lifecycle as it will set a president to how co-design will be achieved throughout the development. This service follows Ideation.

For a more holistic package, see the Keeping People and Communities at the Centre of Your Project package in weavers pillar or get in contact.