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Project Documentation

Package: Project Documentation

Well executed project documentation helps to deliver a well executed project.


Project Documentation

Sometimes the paperwork in a large development project can be overwhelming and can feel like it is slowing a project rather than enhancing it. However, project documentation done well can be useful as well as ticking required regulatory boxes. Like all Ohu packages this is designed specifically for your needs and takes a wider look across all the pillars. This package may include:

  • How to best utilise Ohu’s Project Management Toolbox
  • How to distinguish between key documents and nice to have documents
  • Application of the Community Project Delivery Plan Tool
  • Review of document management systems and successful applications
  • The development of project specific templates on consultation with the project team

Tools applicable in this package:

Project documentation is there to enable good record keeping and communication, secure the necessary funding and partnerships for your project, ensure the management of risk can be done appropriately, progress to be tracked and the necessary monitoring and reporting completed. Well managed and applied project documentation is not only useful during the project but in the reflection phase of the project, allowing refinement of templates and gives a good grounding on your next endeavor. Contact Ohu and get your document ducks in a row.