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Writing a Business Case

Service: Writing a Business Case

We can support you or write your Business Case to evaluate and justify the project, consider any impacts and forecasts its return.


Writing a Business Case

A sound, researched and well constructed business case enables your project to put its best foot forward and reduce the risk of unexpected delays and rejection of funding requests. Ohu has put together a guide in it’s tools to aide you construct your own business case, using resources we have used successfully in the past. However, if you require further guidance, Ohu, through thorough consultation, will work with you to develop a customised business case that will:

  • Clearly state objectives
  • Identify the project's stakeholders and affected community
  • Assess benefits and risks to funders, stakeholders, the wider community and the project in general
  • Outline economic and social outcomes
  • Include supporting project documentation to help present a solid case to potential funders and/or a public entity

To engage Ohu services and start a dialog, see our contact page. For a related package that comprises a complete holistic approach to business planning, see the Business Planning package.