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Business Planning Package

Package: Business Planning

Business planning is the work you need to do to ensure the project is robust and meets an identified need.


Business Planning

At Ohu we work with projects where there is an identified social impact to the community. It is important to ensure the social impact is clearly articulated and embedded into the project from the beginning. Business planning documentation will support the concept of social impact and innovation and will provide a compelling case to stakeholders and investors. Ohu can support your project with:

  • Vision Mission Purpose reviews
  • Business Case development, justifying need and outlining viability and achievability
  • Feasibility Studies, Ohu can provide guidance or you can completely outsource to us
    ‘For purpose’ Business Modelling
  • Financial Modelling
  • Project Budgets establishment

This package is comprehensive and draws from the following resources:

You can find our aligned organisations here, or be connected with a good fit through Ohu. Otherwise you can engage Ohu and tap into the wealth of services and tools we offer, and work with an organisation that aligns with your community development focus and goals. If you believe that you require support with any or all of the above services, then please get in contact to start an exciting conversation.