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July 14, 2017
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March 20, 2018

Co creating Collett's Corner...

Whilst we have some awesome new buildings in Lyttelton we do still have some empty sites, Collett’s Corner being one of them. However, there are some exciting plans underway with this corner site and I recently caught up with Julie Lee (aka Jules) to find out more about the project and the company that she is working with, Ohu - The Office for Holistic Urbanism. Ohu puts people and communities at the heart of property development. Jules advises that Ohu is working with local groups of people to develop assets which will sustain and strengthen their community. Ohu believes it is possible for people with a common purpose to work together to collectively create and own assets that generate both a social and economic value that is returned to the community, to sustain the community. Ohu Development is working with our Lyttelton community to create a building on the Collett’s Corner site that will be collectively owned by the community it supports. Many of you will know Jules as she has been involved with a number of successful community projects here in Lyttelton over the past 15 years, either having been the lead, or part of a team. These projects include the upgrade of the Lyttelton Playground, the Toy Library Upgrade & Renovations Project, the Lyttelton TimeBank, The Garage Sale, and Lyttelton Harbour Civil Defence. Jules says that the Collett’s Corner project is exciting and innovative. “I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to undertake this ground-breaking project, the community that I reside in. The Lyttelton community has many passionate, creative individuals, and groups. Already it’s been great catching up with many of these people and drawing out some initial thoughts”. What could we, as a community, invest in collectively on the Collett’s Corner site? Would does our community think is missing in Lyttelton (if anything)? Could the site be a series of little shops, businesses and laneways? Accommodation? A car park? A space for small businesses and communities to connect and create in? Hot desk spotting? A green space? An elder circle? A permanent space for the craft market that is currently running on Saturdays? Or could it be a combination of the above ideas? A mixed-use development? Just some thoughts to push start your own creative thinking. If you want to know more about Ohu, visit their website https://www.ohu.nz/ To keep up-to-date with the project like their the Collett’s Corner Facebook page To contact Jules direct either email jules@ohu.nz or 027 739 1832

17 July 2017- Collett’s Corner Press Release


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