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Collett’s Corner Directors

Collett’s Corner Directors
August 12, 2019

Collett's Corner Directors

18 August 2020

This page has been created to outline the process to appoint Director's to the Collett's Corner Ltd Board.



There can be up to five Directors on the Collett's Corner Ltd board. Four of the five Directors can be appointed by Founding Shareholders, and one Director can be appointed by Investor Shareholders. The Investor Shareholder appointed Director is elected by Shareholders annually. 

The candidates for the Investor Shareholder appointed Director are listed below. Nominations close August 19th at 5pm. As well, the Directors appointed by the Founding Shareholders are also listed below.

The public Shareholder register can be viewed here. Make sure your fellow Shareholders vote!

The role description for all directors is here



Voting will open 20 August and close 28 August at 5pm. Please vote here.

Only Shareholders can vote.

A majority of Shareholders need to vote for a preferred candidate in order to appoint a Director to the board. To read the full list of shareholder rights please refer to the Collett's Corner Constitution here.

While each Shareholder casts a single vote, their vote is weighted relative to the proportion of shares they hold.  



Questions and Answers

1How much time will Director's need to give the position?
The time commitment required of the Directors is 4-6 hours a month. The activities include: reading monthly reports, attending monthly board meetings and following up on actions via email.
2Are Directors remunerated?
Each Director will be paid $10,000 +gst per year. This contract commences 1 September 2020.
3What is required of the Directors?
This is a governance role only. The Directors appoint a Development Steward to oversee the delivery of the project. A full roll description is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xwU--hoiQh1FMtt6WZl5-LdLdZm-mZSmyY3Q-U-zJbE/edit?usp=sharing
4Is there Director's Insurance
Yes, we have limited Directors Insurance. For a full summary of the insurance please request it by writing Camia (camia@ohu.nz).
5Can both Raf and Julie be elected to the board?
The Investor Shareholders can appoint one Director to the board, as set out in the Constitution. Both candidates are standing for this position, and only one of them can be appointed to the board.

The Founding Shareholders can appoint up to 4 directors. The purpose of this is to ensure we have the right skills at the board level to deliver the project through the development stages. The skills the board requires for this next year are well covered by the two founding shareholder appointed Directors. It is not prudent to appoint more board members than is required, as there is an added cost both in fees and time required.

Investor Shareholder Director Candidates

Please email Camia Young nominations along with a short bio by August 19th at 5pm. You are welcome to nominate yourself or someone you know, as long as they consent. The Director’s role description is here.

At the AGM on 18 August at the Lyttelton Community Board Room (6-7pm) you will have an opportunity to hear from the candidates and ask them questions. If you cannot attend in person, you are welcome to join virtually, please RSVP to Camia Young to receive the link.

Julie Villard has been the Shareholder appointed director since our last AGM, you will also have the opportunity to ask her questions about the project and her role on the board.

Voting opens 20 August following the AGM and closes 28 August at 5pm. Please vote here.

Julie Villard

Director Candidate

Julie Villard is a French architect with 13 years of experience. She is a goal oriented person and not afraid of new challenges. Julie has a passion for architecture, technology and sustainability, building her skills and knowledge in France, Canada, Switzerland and for the past nine years, New Zealand.

She is the welcoming face of the Council’s Eco design advisor new service, where people can consult on a range of projects from new builds to home renovations. She provides free and independent advice for individuals, professionals and within the Council. She advocates for a better living by creating healthier buildings. Her main drive is to encourage to do better and to do it now.

Julie also ‘’walks the walk’’ - with her partner, they designed & built their home in Lyttelton, following the eco-friendly principles she provides during her free consultation. The couple designed and built a modest but very efficient home which won a prestigious Architectural Award, the 2019 ADNZ Regional Winner in the category “residential compact new home”, and the Sustainable Development Timber Design Award in 2020.

Julie provided 'the Hive' (the winning design for the Collett's Corner competition) advice for sustainable design through her role at the Council during the second stage of the design competition.

As a Director of Collett’s Corner, Julie assisted the team though the resource consent process, focusing on a more strategic approach, in order to achieve the outcome wanted. She believes in a society where we support each other, and takes challenges as they come.

This project is close to Julie’s heart, and for that reason she is seeking for a second mandate as the Shareholder appointed Director of Collett's Corner. Julie believes continuity within the directorship is a key component for stability & success.

Raf Manji

Director Candidate

Raf is a multi-disciplinarian with a background in finance, governance, strategy and risk. He is currently working with the Christchurch Foundation as an Independent Advisor supporting the victims of the 15th March terror attack. He spent two terms as a Christchurch City Councilor from 2013-2019. As Chair of the Finance Committee, his main focus was the Council's financial position and insurance settlement, as well as its post-earthquake strategic direction, risk management and engagement with Central Government. He has also been involved in Local Government working groups on Funding, Risk and Localism and the Central Government Working Group on Trade for All.

Raf spent 11 years trading global markets and providing high-level macro-economic advice for investment banks in London. In 2002, he moved to New Zealand and has since been actively involved in governance, strategy and social enterprise. He has worked with the Volunteer Army Foundation, Refugee Resettlement Services, Christchurch Budget Services, Pillars, Ohu Foundation and the Christchurch Arts Festival as both a volunteer and board member.

He has degrees in Economics and Political Science, and a Masters in International Law and Politics from the University of Canterbury. He has spent many years examining the friction between the public and private space, and is especially interested in the reform of our monetary, welfare and tax systems, as well our political and constitutional arrangements.


Founding Shareholder Appointed Directors

Founding shareholders include Camia Young and Ohu Development.  

The two director's appointed to Collett's Corner board by the Founding Shareholders are Camia Young and Peter McMenamin.

Grant MacKinnon


Grant MacKinnon is the Principal of DGM Group, which has been actively developing homes and apartments in central Christchurch since the mid-1990’s. DGM Group’s developments have ranged from small blocks of attached terrace homes to award-winning multi-level highrise apartment towers. Grant’s skills enable the full suite of development requirements to be understood and coordinated to achieve successful outcomes and stunning homes. DGM Group is the longest-running residential developer in central Christchurch and has withstood the many challenges to face the sector over the last decade, such as the Global Financial Crisis, the Christchurch earthquakes and subsequent city rebuild, the March 2019 mosque attacks, and now the covid19 pandemic. Grant stands in a strong position to take projects forward with confidence and experience. He looks forward to working with the Collett's Corner team to bring this exciting project to fruition.

Grant will be appointed to the board commencing 1 November 2020.

Camia Young

Founding Director

Camia is passionate about building 21st Century cities. She believes that the future of cities will be defined by their ability to create places of connection and belonging. Since moving to Christchurch she has been involved in several community minded initiatives including Ohu (Office for Holistic Urbanism), Exchange Christchurch (XCHC), Te Pūtahi: Christchurch Centre for Architecture and City Making, the Gap Filler Pallet Pavilion, and Studio Christchurch.

Before moving to New Zealand, Camia practiced as an Architect in Europe with OMA in Holland and Herzog & de Meuron in Switzerland and worked on several large scale civic projects and urban master plans.

Today Camia serves as a Trustee on the Hillary Institute board, the Ohu Foundation board, and she is the Founding Partner of Ohu Development Ltd, Founding Director of Collett’s Corner Ltd and Founding Director XCHC Ltd.

18 August 2020


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