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Delivering a Project

Package: Delivering a Project

How to deliver a project that is centered around serving a community


Delivering a Project

Property development is complex. Property development that puts its community at its centre can be even more challenging. This package addresses how to deliver a project that is centered around building a community and results in a shared asset and its value being remaining with the community for which it was created. This package, delivered in partnership with Ohu’s aligned organisations provides all the property development essentials but with purpose and community values weaved throughout.

This package is designed according to your needs, the developments complexities, and the level of skills and capabilities within the team, but may include:

  • Development of Project Delivery Plan (External resource)
  • Determination of Social Landscape (Ohu)
  • Team identification and development (Ohu)
  • Identification of stakeholders and community group roles in relation to the development and how this fits in with program and communication strategy (Ohu)
  • Coaching of Weavers and Champions (Ohu)
  • Key deliverables development and measurement (External resource)
  • Outline of project phase reporting structure (External resource)
  • Contract management (External resource)
  • Or Development Management in partnership with a Property Collective (Ohu and/or external resource)

Ohu Tools and Services associated with this package:

Ohu is well connected with skilled people and groups that have delivered complex social property developments in the past. We are eager to share our knowledge and work in partnership; helping you to successfully deliver the intended economical and social benefits of your property development. Get in contact.