Collett’s Corner Stage 1 Competition Public Vote

Collett’s Corner Stage 1 Design Competition Invitation
June 15, 2018
Tūmanako Pledgeme Campaign Launch
June 27, 2018







About the Collett's Corner Competition

1What is the competition for?
The concept design is for Collett's Corner, a prominent site in downtown Lyttelton, New Zealand. The Building will house hot bathing pools, coworking space, restaurant, shop, quirky hotel, cinema and event space and bar.

For more details visit this page:
2How does the voting work?
Each person will have the opportunity to vote for their top three entries. The public vote counts as one of the official four votes.

The other three votes come from a three person jury:

Andrew Turner - Deputy Mayor and Christchurch City Councillor for the Banks Peninsula and former owner of the Empire Hotel

Tony van Raat - New Zealand Insititute of Architecture Auckland Branch Chair

Camia Young - Founding Partner of Ohu and project steward for Collett's Corner.
3What is a design concept?
It is an early stage idea that guides the team's thinking. Check out this presentation to learn more about design concepts.
4When is the exhibition?
All entries will be on display for one day only, please don't miss it!
Location: XCHC at 376 Wilsons Road, Woolston
Opens: 10 am July 4th
Closes: 7pm July 4th
Note: Public discussion with the design teams from 5-7pm
5What is the competition timeline?
Stage 1 Concept Ideas open call for entries: June 1 - June 29th
Public online voting for Concept Idea finalists: July 2nd 8am - July 4th 10pm
Announcement of three finalists: July 6th

Stage 2 Developed Concept: July 9th - August 31st
Public online voting for preferred Develop Concept: Sept 3rd 8am - Sept 6th 10pm
Public presentation by each design team: September 6th 6pm venue LAF - Lyttelton
Announcement of wining team: September 14th
6You LOVE this and want to help us out?
Please share this page with anyone who LOVES Lyttelton, Loves design, and wants to be part of creating this exciting project.

Te Whare O Te Manawa

“The House of the Shared Breath”
To create a design that is rooted into the urban context, inviting the connection between people. Acknowledging the necessity of harmony between people and place, coming together as a shared breath.

Chance Encounters

The concept is based on creating places and spaces for chance encounters and interactions with others. This is a place that stimulates conversation and will become a hub for community gathering.



Designing Collett’s Corner with Rangatahi

The Lodestar

Alessandro Baptiste Kerryn 
The massing provides an inclusive open space to serve the surrounding local environment with the creation of a lane in between the building blocks. 



Cymon Allfrey Architects
Connection is fostered by drawing the community in through a sense of discovery.

Port Crane

Fatina, Mickey and Matty
The design is derived from understanding the local context.


Congregate, Aggregate

Field Studio
Architecture is social: a building is first and foremost a congregation of people coming together around design, construction and inhabitation.

Challenge Everything

4 Walls
The ever-changing and dynamic nature of the local community is at the core of this proposal.


Shafts of Light

Fulton Ross Team Architects
Our concept acknowledges this deeper geological timeframe and draws its inspiration from the natural features and forces that have shaped the landscape of Lyttelton.

It's Social!

Hamish Shaw
Gathered around a sheltered courtyard, the site becomes the heart and health of the community!


The Bowline Knot: Te Herenga Tangata

Harbour Locals
Rather than isolating the programs, like the Bowline our programs are tied together.

The Hive

The Hive is a city within a town, a microcosm of Lyttelton & its community; a modular & permeable hub of interconnected activity.


The Wharf and Jetty

Ignite Architects and Beca
A new ‘wharf and jetty’ are created at the edge of London Street, where three vibrant vessels are docked, floating above the public baths below.

Tihei Mauri Ora

Our principle is:
Keep it simple sweetie!


Community on Display

Jeff & Tao
Through this space planning approach, people are able to have a complete view of all the activities that are happening in the building all at once.


Matt Bourne Design
My concept for this design draws on the original Maori name of Lyttelton—Ōhinehou. The name refers to a young girl who was abducted by the Patupaiarehe and changed into a new person.


We Dine Together

Oto Group
We arrived at a collection of buildings embracing a generous public space which we feel reflects the character of Lyttelton.

The Colonnade

Patchwork Architecture
Our concept design is for a building with porous edges, which extends the footpath into the site, and encourages the public to interact with the building and it’s occupants.


Courtyards and Piazzas

Phil Redmond Architecture + Urbanism  
The hybrid program allows for a shared circulation zones which manifest as courtyards and piazzas.

Collett's Yard

Rennie Dowsett Architects
Create an attraction in Lyttelton where local people can meet up in a way that reinforces the already strong community and adds to it's "gritty ambience" while also welcoming visitors.


Volcanic Cone

Sheppard & Rout
The environment the site sits in – a port town within a dormant flooded volcano – has informed the design decisions.

The Power Station

A new development for Lyttelton with it’s own power station sees innovative technology used to create real community power.


Dry Dock

South Pacific Architecture
The idea of the building is in response to the increasing number of locals and visitors descending on the port town.

Collett's Common

Spacecraft Architects
The arched timber structure creates an open, playful rhythm of visually connected spaces.


Loom Lyttelton

Stephenson & Turner
Weaving: the process of forming cloth or fabric on a loom by interlacing yarn or thread.

The Plaza

Strachan Group Architects
We envision Collett’s Corner as an extension of the street, a chance to draw the public beneath the melodic canopy into a plaza surrounded by a hub of community-oriented activity.


The Diagonal

Stuart Manning Architects and Hampton Jones 
The concept adds a new diagonal “leg” to London Street, routed through to the heart of the retail space, articulated to the rest of the spaces by the vertical circulation.

The Grid

Thomas Associates Architects
Flexible building framework that encourages interaction and can be easily adapted for future uses. Regular economic structural grid that provides spaces without load bearing walls.



Trengrove Architects
Emotional connection created not by symbol but by being a part of design process and creation of new approachable & accessible spaces and positive interactions with a spatial context.

Te Whakaraupo

unit Y
unit Y is set up by architects to enable students of architecture, recent graduates, and communities to realise their architectural ambition through building projects.


The Melting Pot

Wilkie + Bruce Architects
The design for Collett’s Corner links this cultural backdrop with the wider geological context and landscape.


  1. Jeremy says:

    Love this one!

  2. Jo says:

    Innovative and references Lyttleton’s maritime history . Love the idea of local architects being involved in this development and their understanding of the towns unique qualities and how spaces work within that context will bring an equally unique perspective..

  3. More than apartments I think short-term accommodation is more appropriate for the location, love the pod hotel idea.

  4. Brent Murray says:

    This plan has real appeal and great practical application

  5. Peter Wells says:

    Wow, what a compilation. Thanks also for allowing multiple selections!

  6. Ice conson says:

    Awesome!!! I love it

  7. Jack says:

    All projects are good in their own way, but “It’s Social!” caught my eye the most.

  8. Brent Nicholas says:

    Many great idea’s .Lucky Littleton.

  9. Simon Wilson says:


  10. Marnie kent says:

    Fantastic design

  11. Francis McEntee says:

    Bowline knot is a great idea on a lot of levels – community / function / structure / design / even texture. Would love to see development of this idea.

  12. phil teague says:

    A lot of great ideas! Looking forward to experiencing the final outcome!

  13. xxx says:

    The Wharf and Jetty have potential.

  14. Todd says:

    a real education opportunity

  15. justin says:

    Very nice!

  16. Cassie says:


  17. Marion Snow says:

    Very innovate and inclusive concepts with the Bowline idea.

  18. Hey there says:

    Very interesting event.

  19. MARCONNET says:

    What a very beautiful harmony with glass and bricks – ” THE LODESTAR” is very nice !

  20. Neil says:

    Great idea lov it

  21. Mike says:

    Tihei Kauri ora would engage well with the street

  22. Mark says:

    Good to see many ideas, wonder though how it’s going to pass as a modern design with the CC heritage design rules for London St?

  23. Allison Husband says:

    The Bowline Knot, with its link to things maritime and representations and feelings of connection, is an ideal design for this space.

  24. Jonathan H says:

    Love these ideas. It’s Social fits the area IMO

  25. Amama Thornley says:

    Bowline Knot project appeals to me because like the knot, the space would be practical, commodious and pleasing to inhabit.

  26. Fadi says:

    Well done all. Wish all contestants the best

  27. Chris says:

    Tihei Mauri Ora !! (literally means mauri alive or life force)

  28. Andrew Porebski says:

    Very intresting event, nice.

  29. Pat Campbell says:

    The Bowline Knot is a very innovative design, which fits the brief perfectly. It emphasizes the connection with Lyttelton as a maritime town and provides very flexible spaces for a wide variety of uses.

  30. Jennifer LOUGHTON says:

    The Bowline Knot: Te Herenga Tangata presents a clever linkage of Maoritanga with naval and Roman references and is a fascinating reflection of Lyttelton’s rich heritage and community. .

  31. Shaun Bowler says:

    Vote made

  32. Judith says:

    Great designs

  33. Tough choice so many good ideas, but vote made.

  34. Luis says:

    Many great projects, “Its social” seems like to have a good proposal.

  35. Freya Johnstone says:

    Love AKAU

  36. Kelly Paddison says:

    Love Rangitahi!

  37. Ada says:

    I only needed one vote…and that was for The Grid.

  38. Makareta Jahnke says:

    Love the Rangatahi Project by Akau. They are the future.

  39. Gregoire Monteau says:

    THE LODESTAR for me ! Wonderful !

  40. Gaynor says:

    Lots of exciting designs with a strong sense of environment and community. Well done! Didn’t make our top 3, but we specially liked Connections – my 9 year picked up on the slide instantly.

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