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Tūmanako Pledgeme Campaign Launch

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June 9, 2018
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July 5, 2018


Tūmanako PledgeMe Launch with The Eastern + Holly Arrowsmith

Where: Blue Smoke  
When: July 12th | 6 to 10pm
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Please join us as we launch our Pledgeme campaign for Tūmanako Wellness Centre, an innovative, new treatment facility for mental health in New Zealand.

We know it’s cold outside but we have a special evening planned for this special project, so #bravewinter and join us at Blue Smoke for music, mingling, and inspiration.

The Eastern and Holly Arrowsmith will be playing a concert to help us celebrate the launch of our PledgeMe campaign.

From July 12 - August 8th, we'll be raising $200,000 in order to help secure land, to advance design work on the building, progress the design of the operating model, get the Tūmanako Wellness Centre project investment-ready and pay the dedicated team of development, legal, corporate, investment and communications people so that they can continue to work to make this happen. They're all working for free right now.

We are modelling our concept around successful international models. This facility will be a world-class, best-practice, cutting-edge, green sustainable mental health and psychiatric centre that uses ‘healing architecture’ and evidence-based facility design, alongside sustainable high-tech innovations, to create a facility unlike any other in Christchurch for better patient outcomes.

Come support, or spread the word and help us raise $200,000!

12 July 2018 – Raise Tūmanako with The Eastern & Holly Arrowsmith




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