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Collett’s Corner Public Investor Workshop

Collett’s Corner Public Investor Workshop
August 24, 2018
Collett’s Corner Stage 2 Design Competition Presentations
August 5, 2018


This event is an open forum for people curious to invest in Collett's Corner. In the lead in to the equity crowdfunding campaign we are sharing a draft of the investment proposition for feedback. Please join us at the Lyttelton Community Boardroom on Oct 17th at 6pm.

If you cannot make this event, we will post a video of the presentation on Facebook and do a live Facebook question and answers on Oct 18th at 4pm

Collett's Corner will be New Zealand's first commercial property development to open investment opportunities through equity crowdfunding. The #LoveLyttelton campaign will launch February 14th 2019. The first week will be a private campaign and open to people who live or work in Lyttelton. On February 21st the campaign will be made public and all lovers of Lyttelton will be welcome to invest in Collett's Corner.

To stay informed about the equity crowdfunding campaign and to receive the link to the campaign when the it goes live please sign up here.

Your investment will return both social and financial benefits. If you care about creating a vibrant downtown hive of activity in Lyttelton this is your opportunity to be an owner and invest in what you want to see happen in your town while also sharing in the financial return.

Collett’s Corner is a 2,300m2 mixed-use development in the heart of Lyttelton. The purpose of the development is to create a lively destination to gather with loved ones. The building will include guest accommodation, collaborative workspaces, cafe, bar, cinema and hot baths.

Through this development Ohu is challenging conventions of property development by creating a building that builds community through its social, financial and legal design.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Camia via email or phone: camia@ohu.nz or  021 1125 087

17 Oct 2018 – Collett’s Corner Public Investor Forum


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