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Supporting, Nurturing and Equipping Champions and Weavers

Package: Supporting, Nurturing and Equipping Champions and Weavers  

Core to the success of citizen-led property development, are champions and weavers who are well supported, nurtured, and equipped.


Supporting, Nurturing and Equipping Champions and Weavers  

At Ohu we work with projects where there is an identified positive impact to the community. Key roles which Ohu believes provide leadership in these projects are the Weaver and the Champion. In order for these pivotal people to succeed in their roles, they need a web of support around them. Ohu can help provide this environment through this package, which can be tailored to your needs, but may include:

  • Well-being and personal resilience ‘check-ins’ for champion and/or weaver
  • Equipping you to support the well-being of your ‘champion’ and/or ‘weaver’
  • Mentoring/supervision for champion and/or weaver
  • Referrals to existing well-being and leadership services and resources as needed e.g. LINC, Alright campaign resources, MHERC, Gallup Strengths Finder, Non-violent communication (NVC)
  • Tailored well-being workshops
  • Education regarding community engagement, empowerment and community led development
  • Provision of tailored training modules relating to community engagement/empowerment tools e.g. Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Diversion/Conversion diamond, Public participation spectrum

This package uses a combination of tools and service offerings by Ohu, specifically: The Weaver and the Champion tool, Identifying a Project Weaver/Champion, Wellbeing Support for Project Weaver/Champion and Developing the Weaver and Champion Skillset services.

This specialised service is perfect for community leaders and public sector project leads. Ohu has a wealth of knowledge and access to people who have previously undertaken these roles who are here to help. As this package is bespoke, the first step is engaging Ohu to establish a scope and identify your desired outcomes. Get in touch at our contact page to start this process, and for further related definitions see Weaver Literacy.