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August 5, 2018
Announcing the Winning Proposal for the Collett’s Corner Design Competition
September 13, 2018





Thanks for voting!

Results Will Be Announced On SEPTEMBER 14th 

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About the Collett's Corner Competition

1What is the competition for?
A developed concept design for Collett's Corner, a prominent site in downtown Lyttelton, New Zealand. The building will house hot bathing pools, coworking space, restaurant, shop, quirky hotel, cinema/event space and bar.

For more details visit this page:
2How does the voting work?
Each person will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred design. The public vote counts as one of the official four votes.

The other three votes come from a three person jury:

Andrew Turner - Deputy Mayor and Christchurch City Councillor for the Banks Peninsula and former owner of the Empire Hotel

Tony van Raat - New Zealand Insititute of Architecture Auckland Branch Chair

Camia Young - Founding Partner of Ohu and Project Steward for Collett's Corner.
3Will the design's be presented somewhere in Lyttelton?
YES! The three design teams will present their designs Sept 6th at Lyttelton Arts Factory from 6-8pm. Tickets limited so be sure to get them in advance. Tickets available through Eventbrite:
4What is the competition timeline?
Stage 1 Concept Ideas open call for entries: June 1 - June 29th
Public online voting for Concept Idea finalists: July 2nd 8am - July 4th 10pm
Announcement of three finalists: July 6th

Stage 2 Developed Concept: July 9th - August 31st
Public online voting for preferred Develop Concept: Sept 3rd 8am - Sept 6th 10pm
Public presentation by each design team: September 6th from 6-8pm at LAF in Lyttelton
Announcement of wining team: September 14th
5You LOVE this and want to help us out?
Please share this page with anyone who LOVES Lyttelton, Loves design, and wants to be part of creating this exciting project.

6How will Collett's Corner be owned by the community?
In February 2019 we will launch an equity crowdfunding campaign via Pledgme, which means people who want to be part owners of the building will be able to buy shares in Collett's Corner Ltd. The minimum share will be $100. If investing in Collett's Corner is of interest to you, sign up here to stay informed about the equity crowdfunding campaign in February 2019:

03-06 September 2018 – Vote for your preferred design option from the three finalists.




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  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for sharing the designs for Collett’s Corner.
    A wonderful way to engage the community and ensuring the ‘winning’ design embraces the Vibe of Lyttelton while providing a compelling, meaningful and unique space.

    Well done.

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